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Final words.

Because there are so many more lessons to learn.

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A season of highs and lows

Excuses to be ungrateful and selfish

But reasons to rejoice and to love.

Constantly being reminded how insignificant and trivial the things I preoccupy myself with really are

and that there is no way for me to do this on my own. Nothing is there

that I can do in my own strength.

Again, and again,
time after time,
over, and over,
do I recognize my shortcomings

Yet again, and again,
time after time,
over, and over,
do You choose to love me regardless


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It’s the bittersweet feeling that you get when you finally accept that things are different, and they will always be different.

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This is the scary part.
And this where we need to have the courage.
The courage to experience darkness. The courage to face uncertainty. The courage to break down our pride and see ourselves for who we really are.

Because it’s only when we completely strip ourselves of all the power and strength we claim to carry
that we see how imperfect we are.

It’s a call to failure
a cry to know our own weakness
a longing for suffering and despair.

Because it’s only when we are completely and utterly broken
that we can truly know His power.

Then, and only then, we will truly see Him for who He is.

So then the question is,
are we willing to go there?

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Cause there’s nothing else to do when you want to procrastinate.

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the one thing I don’t know how to do is to admit that I’m not ready.

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Maybe I should start listening to my gut instincts.

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Don’t take things at face value.

- to learn to challenge every idea thrown at you, regardless of how you feel about it

- to learn to either stand by your beliefs, or to learn to adjust them

- to learn to affirm who you are based on what you believe in, and not in some ideal that you pretend to chase after

- to learn to experience it for yourself and to think for yourself

Because when we’re spoon-fed all of these ideas and theories and anecdotes and stories, we don’t truly understand what we claim we believe in.

Because when something is so easily absorbed and accepted, it is also easily rejected and replaced by another.

Because when we refuse to dig deeper and to look for ourselves, we won’t ever be able to scratch past the surface.

Because when we let what other people think define who we are, we aimlessly reach for an unattainable goal completely irrelevant to us.


We must learn to question more, to wonder more, to challenge more. We must learn to fight for what we believe in, and learn to defend our identities because of what we believe in. Much like a mighty and immovable tree gradually extending its roots inch by inch deep into the soil, so, too, must we struggle and work to establish a strong foundation in order to build something bigger that will stand completely on its own.

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It feels good.

Sure, change can be uncomfortable, and it can be terrifying as much as it can be hard.

But it’s nice to know that we’ll be able to deal with it just fine.

Or at the very least, it’s nice to know that we’ll get a little stronger because of it.

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in-th3light said: How do you aelkrgj?


Simple. Just a little bit of alsekjgalkj and a smidge of qirwjhpawroiu and voila, you have just successfully aelkrgjed.

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to do list:

  • switch my major for hopefully the last time
  • reduce the amount of extra-curriculars that I’ve committed to
  • figure out what I’m going to do after I graduate
  • aelkrgj.
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lessons in a week.

  • it’s not in the Plan; it’s in the Maker
  • He is bigger than any mistakes we may have made, are making, and will ever make
  • the Truth sets us free
  • we’re not made right with Him because of what we’ve done, but because of His Grace
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Ben Cantelon - Worth it All


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